Upcoming Events

Advanced Technovation Limited, established in 2006, specializes in providing engineering consulting service and professional development opportunities. In professional development, it publishes technical publications and organizes conferences, symposia, technical seminars and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses. These conferences, symposia, technical seminars and CPD courses may be used for partial fulfilment of training requirements for graduate engineers, enhancement of technical capability for young engineers, or updating of technical knowledge for experienced engineers.

Detailed description of upcoming CPD courses, technical seminars, symposia and conferences can be found by clicking the corresponding title below. Application forms and detailed descriptions are also enclosed in the respective webpages:

  1. Construction Disputes in NEC Era (by Mr. Harrison Cheung and Mr. Vincent Li) - 24th November 2022). Early bird deadline is 17th November 2022

  2. Lessons Learnt from Railway Construction in Hong Kong II (by Ir Raymond W.M. Wong) - 2nd December 2022 (full day). Early bird deadline is 25th November 2022

  3. From Source to Tap: Water Supply Engineering for Civil Engineers (by Ir Alan H.L. Man) - 9th December 2022 (full day). Early bird deadline is 2nd December 2022