Health and Safety

Above-ground proprietary prefabricated oil storage tank systems (C535) - HK$1,480

Brownfields - managing the development of previously developed land. A client's guide (C578) - HK$1,920

Buildings for all to use 2 - improving the accessibility of public buildings and environments (C610) - HK$1,730

Buildings for all to use 2 - improving the accessibility of public buildings and environments (C706CD) - HK$1,730

CDM 2007 - Construction work sector guidance for designers (C662) - HK$1,160

CDM 2007 - Workplace “in-use” guidance for designers (C663) - HK$840

CDM training pack for designers (C501) - HK$3,970

Chemical storage tank systems - good practice. Guidance on design, manufacture, installation, operation, inspection and maintenance (C598) - HK$1,800

Cladding fixings (C524) - HK$1,480

Coastal and marine environmental pocket book (C594) - HK$1,800

Coastal and marine environmental site guide (C584) - HK$640

Design for inherent security: guidance for non-residential buildings (SP115) - HK$1,160

Don't expose yourself on contaminated sites (SP119) - HK$640

Easy access environmental management: Implementation of BS 8555 in the construction sector, Phases 1–6 – guidance workbook (C667CD) - HK$1,480

ENGAGE. How to deliver socially responsible construction - a client's guide (C627) - HK$960

Engineering and health in compressed air work. Proceedings of the International Conference, Oxford, September 1992 (B16) - HK$1,220

Engineering guide to the safety of concrete and masonry dam structures in the UK (R148) - HK$1,160

Environmental good practice - training resource (C678TP) - HK$4,040

EPIC - environmental performance improvement clubs (C585CD) - HK$1,480

Fibre-reinforced polymer composites in construction (C564) - HK$2,240

Guidance on designing for crowds an integrated approach (C675) - HK$840

Guidance on glazing at height (C632) - HK$1,800

Guidelines for the use of metocean data through the life cycle of a marine renewable energy development (C666) - HK$1,280

How much noise do you make? A guide to assessing and managing noise on construction sites (PR70) - HK$1,280

Integrating safety, quality and environmental management (C509) - HK$1,480

Invasive species management for infrastructure managers and the construction industry (C679) - HK$2,120

Iron and steel bridges: Condition appraisal and remedial treatment (C664) - HK$2,120

Masonry arch bridges: Condition appraisal and remedial treatment (C656) - HK$2,120

Methane: its occurrence and hazards in construction (R130) - HK$1,480

Not just an accident … (C705D) - HK$960

Protecting development from methane (R149) - HK$1,480

Retention of masonry facades - best practice guide (C579) - HK$1,920

Retention of masonry facades - best practice site handbook (C589) - HK$840

Reuse of foundations (C653) - HK$1,160

Risk management for UK reservoirs (C542) - HK$1,480

Safe access for maintenance and repair. Guidance for designers second edition 2009 (C686) - HK$1,600

Safer surfaces to walk on - reducing the risk of slipping (C652) - HK$1,800

Safety in ports - ship-to-shore linkspans and walkways. A guide to procurement, operation and maintenance (C518) - HK$1,600

Site safety handbook and Site health handbook (K1) - HK$1,160

Sea outfalls - construction, inspection and repair. An engineering guide (R159) - HK$1,160

Site health handbook (second edition) (C670) - HK$640

Site safety for the water industry (SP137) - HK$640

Sustainable construction award schemes - guidance for supply chain leaders (C619) - HK$1,800

Sustainable construction: company indicators (C563) - HK$1,600

Sustainable construction: company indicators (C701CD) - HK$1,600

Temporary propping of deep excavations - guidance on design (C517) - HK$1,600

The measurement of methane and other gases from the ground (R131) - HK$1,480

The potential for water pollution from railways (C643) - HK$840

The Rock Manual. The use of rock in hydraulic engineering (second edition) (C683) - HK$3,840

Tower crane stability (C654) - HK$1,480

Trenching practice (second edition) (R97) - HK$840

Use of sewage sludge products in construction (C608) - HK$1,600

The following titles by other publishers can be obtained through CIRIA:

Decommissioning and radioactive waste management (X501) - HK$1,160

Design for health (D4h)/HASPREST (X115CD) - HK$840

Introduction to Health and Safety in Construction (3rd Edition) (X489) - HK$710

Wind loads on unclad structures (X341) - HK$450

Working platforms for tracked plant: good practice guide to the design, installation, maintenance and repair of ground-supported working platforms (X267) - HK$640