Construction Materials and Products

Barriers, liners and cover systems for containment and control of land contamination (SP124) - HK$1,280

Bioengineering - the Longham Wood Cutting field trial (PR81) - HK$840

Care and treatment of steel reinforcement and the protection of starter bars (R147) - HK$1,600

Civil engineering sealants in wet conditions - review of performance and interim guidance on use (TN128) - HK$640

Coastal and marine environmental pocket book (C594) - HK$1,800

Coastal and marine environmental site guide (C584) - HK$640

Concrete pressure on formwork (R108) - HK$840

Crops in construction handbook (C614) - HK$1,480

Dealing with vandalism - a guide to the control of vandalism (SP91) - HK$840

Design for deconstruction. Principles of design to facilitate reuse and recycling (C607) - HK$1,480

Drystone retaining walls and their modifications: condition appraisal and remedial treatment (C676) - HK$1,480

Early-age thermal crack control in concrete (C660) - HK$1,480

Environmental good practice - training resource (C678TP) - HK$4,040

Environmental impact of building and construction materials, Volume A - summary (SP116) - HK$960

Faster construction on site by selection of methods and materials (C560) - HK$1,480

Fixings in cracked concrete: the probability of coincident occurrence and likely crack width (TN136) - HK$840

Guidance on glazing at height (C632) - HK$1,800

Guidance on the costing of environmental pollution from construction (C565) - HK$1,480

Guide to good practice for the design and installation of refractory sprayed concrete linings (TN97) - HK$840

Guide to the construction of reinforced concrete in the Arabian Peninsula (C577) - HK$2,240

Intelligent monitoring of concrete structures (C661) - HK$1,160

Iron and steel bridges: Condition appraisal and remedial treatment (C664) - HK$2,120

Laterite in road pavements (SP47) - HK$840

Marine sand and gravel in north-west Europe - a fact-finding and scoping study (PR68) - HK$840

Masonry arch bridges: Condition appraisal and remedial treatment (C656) - HK$2,120

New paint systems for the protection of construction steelwork (R174) - HK$1,480

Performance of sealant-concrete joints in wet conditions: results of a laboratory testing programme, Volume 1: main results and discussion (TN144) - HK$840

Potential use of alternatives to primary aggregates in coastal and river engineering (C590) - HK$1,480

Regional seabed sediment studies and assessment of marine aggregate dredging (C505) - HK$1,280

Residual stresses in a steel box girder bridge (TN110) - HK$580

Reuse of foundations (C653) - HK$1,160

Rolled concrete for dams - a laboratory study of the properties of high flyash content concrete (TN105) - HK$840

Safer surfaces to walk on - reducing the risk of slipping (C652) - HK$1,800

Screeds, flooring and finishes - selection, construction and maintenance (R184) - HK$1,600

Sealant joints in the external envelope of buildings: a guide to design, specification and construction (R178) - HK$1,280

Sealants - microbiological deterioration under wet conditions (C520) - HK$1,480

Spalling of concrete in fires (TN118) - HK$840

Standard tests for repair materials and coatings for concrete, Part 1: pull-off tests (TN139) - HK$840

Standard tests for repair materials and coatings for concrete, Part 2: permeability tests (TN140) - HK$840

Standard tests for repair materials and coatings for concrete, Part 3: stability, substrate compatibility and shrinkage (TN141) - HK$840

Standards for the repair of buildings following flooding (C623) - HK$1,480

Steel reinforcement: a handbook for young construction professionals (SP118) - HK$840

Strengthening metallic structures using externally bonded fibre-reinforced composites (C595B) - HK$1,800

Sustainable construction: company indicators (C563) - HK$1,600

Sustainable construction: company indicators (C701CD) - HK$1,600

The measurement of methane and other gases from the ground (R131) - HK$1,480

The performance of tunnel-boring machines in rock (SP62) - HK$840

The planning and design of concrete mixes for transporting, placing and finishing (R165) - HK$1,280

The use of concrete in maritime engineering - a guide to good practice (C674) - HK$2,240

The use of epoxy, polyester and similar reactive polymers in construction. Volume 2: specification and use of the materials (PR78) - HK$840

The use of epoxy, polyester and similar reactive polymers in construction. Volume 3: materials technology (PR79) - HK$840

Transfer of adhesives technology. Feasibility study (PR84) - HK$840

Underground service reservoirs: waterproofing and repair manual (R138) - HK$840

Use of sewage sludge products in construction (C608) - HK$1,600

Waste minimisation in construction - training pack (C555TP) - HK$4,740

Web buckling of rolled steel beams (TN102) - HK$840

The following titles by other publishers can be obtained through CIRIA:

CHP for Existing Buildings. Guidance on design and installation (BG 2/2007) (X515) - HK$520

ICE Manual of Construction Materials (X491) - HK$3,970

ICE Manual of Construction Materials: Metals and Alloys (X508) - HK$520

ICE Manual of Construction Materials: Polymers and Polymer Fibre Composites (X507) - HK$520

Illustrated Guide to Electrical Building Services 2nd Edition (BG 5/2005) (X517) - HK$840

Illustrated Guide to Mechanical Building Services (AG 15/2002) (X518) - HK$840

Practical Design of Timber Structures to Eurocode 5 (X496) - HK$960

Ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation. Engineering and biological material characterization (X132) - HK$2,050

Use of Foamed Concrete in Construction (X225) - HK$900

Using natural finishes: Lime and clay based plasters, renders and paints - A step-by-step guide (X448) - HK$320