Dr. David R. Glynn

Dr David R. Glynn is CHAM's Senior Technical Support consultant. Dr Glynn has over thirty years' background in CFD applications using PHOENICS, both at Flowsolve Limited and with CHAM Limited.

His experience includes ventilation studies in a variety of buildings; offshore CFD applications (including simulation of flare stack emissions and unplanned gas releases on offshore platforms); environmental flows (including dispersion of environmentally-unfriendly releases); fire safety studies involving prediction of smoke movement (e.g. in underground railways, and large atria); marine flows (including estuarine dispersion of hot-water releases); safety and hazard analyses for the process and power-generation industries; and low-energy solutions for new buildings, such as passive slab pre-cooling and inter-seasonal heat storage.

Projects undertaken by Dr Glynn include:

    • A study involving Atkins Rail for the passenger interchange arrangements between the mail-line railway and Underground facilities at London’s Waterloo Station concerning the ventilation and air quality consequences of modifications to the layout of the interchange passages.

    • A number of projects, one for St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, have concerned modelling the wind-driven dispersion of pollutant particulates released from buildings within an urban environment.

    • A study of wind-driven smoke transport for various fire scenarios in a semi-enclosed shopping mall in Basingstoke, UK.

    • Studies of fire and smoke transport in the passenger terminal of the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, Mauritius.

    • Wind-driven rain study for a hawker centre in Singapore to establish effectiveness of protective screening.

    • Investigation of cryptosporidium threat in drinking water reservoirs on behalf of WRc.

Technical Support / CFD Trainer

    • Currently, Dr Glynn works within CHAM's Support Team which is responsible for the provision of technical support services for PHOENICS for an extensive customer base. He has been responsible for CHAM's in-house training programme for several years and, more recently, for training services on site at customer locations worldwide.

    • Dr Glynn provides technical support guidance to engineers working within CHAM's Consultancy Team involved in many projects relating to both internal and external flows in the urban environment. Such projects include the modelling of atria, auditoriums, theatres, bus, rail and air termini, data centres, road and rail tunnels; together with the investigation of wind flows and dispersion of pollution across large scale built environments and hilly terrain.