Enrollment, Registration and Attendance Procedures of Web-CPD courses


  1. Due to the outbreak of the CIVID-19 virus, our future CPD courses will be delivered on the web using Zoom until further notice.

  2. As we cannot provide coffee breaks, lunch and a hard copy of the class notes, our fees have been reduced by HK$500. i.e. the new fee for full-day courses is $1150 if pay on or before the early bird deadline, and $1350 if pay after the deadline for full day courses. The new fee for half-day courses is $600 and $700, respectively.


  1. Make payment and enroll the Web-CPD course that you choose to attend online or through e-mail.

  2. You will receive a confirmation of your acceptance for the Web-CPD course and your e-receipt through e-mail. Please double check the correctness of your name.

  1. Your name and email address are the only IDs recognized by the system throughout the process. If you change your name or email address during the process, you may encounter all kinds of problems.

  2. The email address will be used to receive your Zoom registration information. Make sure it is accessible by you on the day of the Web-CPD course.

  3. You may install the free Zoom app on the device that you plan to use to register and attend the Web-CPD course or use your browser to access Zoom.

Registration and Attendance

  1. You'll receive an email with a link to register for the Web-CPD course approximately 30 minutes before the beginning of the course on the day of the Web-CPD course (read the specific time for the particular course).

  2. Click the link will take you to the Zoom registration page. Fill in your first name, last name and email address. If you enroll as "CHAN, John Tai Man", please fill "John Tai Man" in the space for first name and "Chan" in the space for last name. If you use a different name, you may cause significant delay to get into the waiting room and/or conference room of the Web-CPD course. Fill in the email address that you are going to use to attend the Web-CPD course, it can be different from the one that you use to enroll the Web-CPD course. The confirmation link will be sent to this email, so please sure it is a working email address.

  3. If your registration is successful, you'll receive a link to enter the waiting room of Advanced Technovation Limited for the Web-CPD course.

  4. Click the link will take you to the waiting room of Advanced Technovation Limited for Web-CPD course. You'll be approved in turn to enter the conference room.

  5. Once you are in the conference room, you can see all the other participants. You can mute your microphone if you do not want to be heard. You can stop your video if you do not want to be seen. You can chat to everyone in the conference room or you can chat to your selected friend privately.

  1. If you have any questions during the Web-CPD course, send them to the host or the speaker openly using the microphone or privately in the chat room.

  2. For full-day Web-CPD courses, we'll adjourn the meeting at the end of the morning sessions. The registration process will be repeated for the afternoon sessions.

  3. Your registration records will provide the documentation of your attendance of the half-day Web-CPD courses or the morning and/or afternoon sessions of full-day Web-CPD courses.

  4. Your original Certificate of Attendance will be sent to you by email after we have confirmed your attendance at the Web-CPD course.

  5. For information on Zoom, you can go to: