Mr. Harrison Cheung

Harrison Cheung is a practicing barrister and a Registered Professional Engineer (Civil) in Hong Kong. He holds academic qualifications in the disciplines of civil engineering (Imperial College, U.K.), engineering geology (University of New South Wales, Australia), arbitration and dispute resolution (The City University of Hong Kong), practicing accounting (Monash University, Australia), business administration (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and law (The City University of Hong Kong).

He is a Member of the HKIE and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. He is a HKIAC accredited mediator and adjudicator, a HKIAC listed arbitrator, and listed on the Panel of Mediators and Arbitrators of the Hong Kong Bar Association. He is also listed on the Panel of Dispute Resolution Advisers (DRA) maintained by the HKSAR Government and is currently acting as the DRA for 4 projects. He is also appointed as a Chairman of the Appeal Tribunal (Buildings) and a member of the Guesthouse Appeal Tribunal.

Mr. Cheung maintains a healthy mixture of both civil and criminal practice. He regularly defends for contractors against industrial summons, and acts as mediator/arbitrator and advocates in both litigations and arbitrations.

In the NEC aspect, Mr. Cheung is a NEC4 accredited Project Manager and has given numerous talks on NEC for various professional bodies and government departments. He has acted as NEC Specialist for numerous government contracts (Options A, B & C) and is now acting as DRA for 3 NEC contracts under Option C. He also acts as partnering facilitator in NEC contracts from time to time.