ENGAGE. How to deliver socially responsible construction - a client's guide (C627)

Social responsibility is a key facet of sustainable development. It is concerned with recognising and addressing the needs not only of customers or shareholders, but of all groups affected by an organisation’s activities. This book provides guidance on how to build in a socially responsible way putting principles such as inclusiveness, transparency and responsiveness at the heart of a construction project while retaining a focus on business benefits. ENGAGE is the result of a collaborative project to provide practical guidance for construction clients on how to address the social issues associated with sustainable construction. ENGAGE is made up of two complementary parts: this guide and a web-based navigator.

ENGAGE will enable construction clients, both public and private, to make informed decisions about improving and monitoring the social performance of projects that they initiate. It will also help the construction team to better understand the needs of clients wishing to see the integration of social responsibility principles within the design, construction and operation of their developments.

Key words: sustainable construction, site management, health and safety, project management, design and buildability, urban regeneration, land use planning, procurement, supply chain management, respect for people.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-627-5

Author: F Sommer, J Bootland, M Hunt et al

Number of pages: 36 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: November 2004