EPIC - environmental performance improvement clubs (C585CD)

The environmental performance improvement club (EPIC) was a supply-chain network project established by CIRIA with construction clients and main contractors. The EPIC was piloted in three areas, Yorkshire, the Midlands and South Wales as part of an eco-clusters project. This CD-rom outlines the methodology for each pilot, the lessons learned and recommendations for further work. It has been produced for clients, main contractors and consultants who are considering the development and delivery of environmental training to construction industry employees. The helpful advice and recommendations included should ensure that any such training programme is developed and delivered successfully. There are separate details for each of the regional pilot programmes including example slides, questionnaires and answers, and workshop notes.The approach, developed by CIRIA collaboratively with the industry, has proved to be an effective way of delivering tangible environmental and financial benefits to companies in the construction industry. The EPIC project has demonstrated that a supply chain approach is an effective way of delivering environmental awareness training and improving environmental performance.

Key words: pollution prevention, environmental good practice, waste minimisation, sustainable construction, contaminated land, site management, project management, sustainable resource use, procurement, construction management, supply chain management, benchmarking and KPIs, recycling and reclaimed materials, regulation, risk and value management, whole life costing.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-585-8

Author: G Hall

Number of pages: 120 (CD-ROM)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: December 2002