Cladding fixings (C524)

This publication provides good practice guidance on fixings, ie the various brackets, anchors, bolts, fasteners and washers, etc that are used in combination to form a 'fixing assembly' and attach cladding to the structure of a building. These fixings are an integral part of the cladding system, and must be considered and designed as such from the early concept stage. The following types of cladding systems, for new buildings or overcladding for existing buildings, are examined in this report: curtain walling, precast concrete, stone, brickwork/blockwork and sheet metal. Rainscreen overcladding is covered within these sections as appropriate. Alternative fixing assemblies for each system are covered with reference to typical details. Typical causes of failure, particularly different corrosion mechanisms, and methods of selection to achieve long term safe functioning are also discussed. Practical guidance is given on design parameters, installation, supervision, testing, inspection and maintenance, supported by checklists for practitioners at each stage. The major available references are grouped together, providing a valuable source of more detailed advice, if required. This publication will be of value to specialist cladding designers, architects, specifiers, structural engineers, on-site contractors, clients and manufacturers.

Key words: health and safety, concrete and structures, design and buildability, building technology.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-524-7

Author: P Harrison, J Masat and A Peric-Matthews

Number of pages: 108 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: May 2000