Above-ground proprietary prefabricated oil storage tank systems (C535)

In 2000 there were 6215 substantiated pollution incidents involving oil, a 15 per cent increase on the number of incidents in 1999. Environment Agency data indicate that that a large number of these could have been prevented if the oil had been stored in adequately bunded tank systems. This report provides detailed guidance on the design, construction and use of proprietary prefabricated above-ground bunded oil storage tank systems for use in domestic, agricultural and industrial applications. Oil storage tank systems of steel or plastic construction up to 140 000 litres are reviewed and the use of mobile oil storage bowsers is also included. This report assesses the level of environmental protection offered by these types of systems against common causes of oil pollution and the preventative measures that can be taken to avoid them. It offers good practice recommendations, which are designed to minimise the risk of oil pollution. The report concludes by identifying several objectives that the oil storage industry needs to pursue. These include legislative requirements governing the manufacture of oil storage tank systems and fitting of overfill protection devices. Recommendations are also made for the development of manufacturing standards, test procedures and performance standards for overfill prevention devices.

Key words: pollution prevention, environmental good practice, regulation, off-site production.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-535-3

Author: A Teekaram, S Sterne, B Abel, C Elliott

Number of pages: 128 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: April 2002