Site safety handbook and Site health handbook special offer (K1)

This pack of publications includes 1 copy each of the following titles:Site safety handbook (fourth edition) (C669), normal price £40Description: This fourth edition of CIRIA’s Site safety handbook has been prepared to alert construction professionals to the hazards often present on site, to provide advice on safer practices for themselves and others, and to help them manage these important responsibilities. It has been revised to reflect the recent changes in health and safety regulations.Site health handbook (second edition) (C670), normal price £40Description: The book considers the need for effective management of health on site and the importance of improving the industry's health culture. It highlights the biological, chemical, physical and psychological hazards that may face those working on site and emphasises that it is everyone's duty to reduce those dangers as much as possible. Advice is given on site inductions, personal protective equipment, first-aiders, accident reporting and health screening.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-669-5 / 978-0-86017-670-1

Author: Bielby, S C & Gilbertson, A L / Pendlebury, M, Brace, C, Gibb, A & Gyi, D

Number of pages: 162 / 149

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: June 2008