Sustainable construction: company indicators (C563)

The DETR's Building a better quality of life (DETR, 2000), set out a strategy for the construction industry to move towards building more sustainable assets and working in a more efficient and socially and environmentally responsible manner. This emphasised the need for a culture change within the industry. The aims of sustainable construction are to produce structures that enhance the quality of life and protect the environment, and to do so efficiently, profitably and fairly. This report is designed to provide overall information, and specific, practical guidance. It identifies a series of quantitative measures (indicators) against which companies can measure the sustainability of their business (strategic indicators) and the activities they perform (operational indicators). Each indicator provides a snapshot of progress in one of the important dimensions of sustainable construction, environmental, social and economic. The indicators, and the report as a whole, have been developed following extensive consultation within the industry, with the objective of assisting providers of design and construction services to measure and improve the sustainability of their businesses. The report provides a step-by-step guide to developing and using indicators while highlighting the subsequent business benefits. It reviews progress so far, setting out the ten key themes, which have been identified as a result of extensive industry-wide consultation, as necessary for the delivery of sustainable construction.

The book looks at how to go forward, using indicators to set company targets and derive direct benefit from sustainability reporting and benchmarking of company performance, while contributing to industry-wide measurement and progress. It includes a checklist designed to help companies most effectively develop and use indicators. It also includes full colour case studies that illustrate the progress made by several major players. This report is essential reading for managers with environmental and social corporate performance responsibilities. The approach has been endorsed by several industry groups including the Construction Industry Board, the Sustainable Construction Focus Group, Movement for Innovation, the Sustainability Working Party, the Construction Industry Council and the Environment Agency.

Key words: water quality, pollution prevention, environmental good practice, waste minimisation, sustainable construction, contaminated land, health and safety, materials, sustainable resource use, urban regeneration, benchmarking and KPIs, respect for people.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-563-6

Author: WS Atkins Consultants

Number of pages: 74 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: September 2001