Guidance on glazing at height (C632)

This book provides clear, consistent information on the glazing used within both new and existing buildings and which has a potential to fall on breakage. Particular emphasis is given to the safety and attendant issues concerning glass façades, glass roofs and canopies, and glass barriers that protect a drop. Information is provided on glass manufacture and processing, the types, strength and breakage behaviour of glazing infill materials and glazing systems, the parties involved in the building life cycle, and the performance of glazing and its associated risks. Additional sections summarise existing glazing advice within the UK and consider the use of risk assessments in decision-making (including worked examples of glazing risk assessments).

The guide will be of value to the broadest spectrum of “designers” - clients, architects, engineers, specifiers, main contractors and specialist sub-contractors - involved in the use of glass in buildings. Others concerned with the design, construction, maintenance, demolition and operation of buildings over time will also find this book a useful reference.

The publication incorporates a compact disk that contains a searchable electronic version of the guide.

Keywords: health and safety, materials, design and buildability, building technology, materials technology, risk and value management, facilities management.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-632-9

Author: Keiller, A, Walker, A, Ledbetter, S, Wolmuth, W

Number of pages: 206 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: February 2005