Retention of masonry facades - best practice site handbook (C589)

This handbook offers best practice guidance for site work in connection with the safe, economic and practical retention of existing façades. More comprehensive guidance for the overall process of façade retention is contained in the companion volume, CIRIA C579, Masonry façade retention - best practice guide. The handbook is intended to be an essential part of site documentation for façade retention projects and is aimed principally at temporary works co-ordinators, planning supervisors, site agents and engineers and safety advisers. It contains checklists, lists of references and site-specific guidance taken from the more extensive Best practice guide (C579), together with material intended for use as site induction talks for site operatives (Section 8.1; not included in C579). Its format is deliberately concise and is designed for use as a reference outside the office.

This book summarises the key issues relating to the erection and dismantling of façade support systems of different types. It also looks at the initial site activities and the procedures for alterations to the system once erected.

Key words: site management, health and safety, project management, design and buildability, building technology, refurbishment.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-589-6

Author: M Bussell, D Lazarus, P Ross

Number of pages: 86 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: August 2003