Wind loads on unclad structures (X341)

Much of the current guidance in the UK for wind loads on frames, lattice structures and individual members is based on British Standard Code of Practice CP3: Chapter V: Part 2. This Standard, which was withdrawn in October 2001, gave force coefficients (measured in smooth uniform flow) for a range of unclad structures, including single and multiple frames, lattice structures and individual members. CP3-V has now been superseded by BS 6399-2. BS 6399-2 is principally applicable to buildings and their components and therefore it includes only limited information on structural members and unclad structures. This Digest provides up-to-date guidance on designing lattice structures and individual members for wind loading. It does not apply to masts and towers, for which BS 8100-1 should be used. Wind loads calculated using this Digest are characteristic loads to which the appropriate partial load factors defined in the relevant design codes must be applied. In some circumstances it may be possible to take advantage of the direct shielding effect of upwind permanent buildings to reduce the wind loads on temporary unclad structures. This is discussed in the Annex and some recommendations are given.

ISBN: 1860817025

Author: P Blackmore

Number of pages: 16

Publisher: BRE Publishing

Date of Publication: January 2004