Design for health (D4h)/HASPREST (X115CD)

D4h is an interactive tool that has been created to help designers consider the occupational health of construction site workers. It covers three key construction sectors: major building, civil engineering and engineering construction. As the reader is taken through the construction process, the guide identifies significant hazards, provides prompts for appropriate action by the designer at various project phases, and introduces exemplar solutions for consideration.HASPREST delivers improved understanding and greater awareness of the way that off-site pre-assembly affects occupational health and safety. It facilitates effective management of the off-site process so as to improve the health and safety of all those involved. Key words: health and safety, design and buildability.

ISBN: 978-1-873844-55-7

Author: ECI, Loughborough University

Number of pages:

Publisher: ECI

Date of Publication: April 2004