Design for deconstruction. Principles of design to facilitate reuse and recycling (C607)

This book addresses the opportunities for maximising the reuse of components and recycling of materials when a building is wholly or partially deconstructed or demolished. Carefully deconstructing a building, rather than demolishing it, often allows more of the components and equipment to be reused. The guide also reviews the processes by which buildings are demolished and can be deconstructed, the opportunities for reusing components and recycling materials, and current experience of designing for deconstruction, in both the construction and automobile industries.

Guidance is provided for designers, specifiers and their clients on the principles and strategies of design and specification for new construction works to facilitate their eventual efficient, safe and economic deconstruction so as to optimise reuse and recycling. This is achieved by considering various approaches at the design stage and indicating the best ways of considering the lifecycle of building elements, components and equipment.

Key words: waste minimisation, sustainable construction, design and buildability, building technology, materials technology, recycling and reclaimed materials, refurbishment.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-607-7

Author: W Addis, J Schouten

Number of pages: 106 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: August 2004