Using natural finishes: Lime and clay based plasters, renders and paints - A step-by-step guide (X448)

With the increasing awareness of eco-building techniques alongside the desire to make our homes healthier, the historical benefits of using natural renders and paints are being rediscovered.Using Natural Finishes is an in-depth guide to the selection, mixing and application of lime and clay based plasters, renders, paints and washes. Providing step-by-step instructions with detailed illustrations to show the practical elements of working with lime and clay-based finishes, the authors demonstrate how these natural 'breathable' plasters and paints can be used on a wide variety of wall surfaces, including traditional and eco-build materials like cob, strawbale and stone, as well as modern plasterboard and concrete surfaces, with stunning results. Easy to follow DIY projects guide the reader through all aspects of using these natural finishes, with beautiful photographs of techniques and examples from the UK and abroad.

ISBN: 9781900322164

Author: Adam Weismann & Katy Bryce

Number of pages: 264 (paperback)

Publisher: Green Books

Date of Publication: January 2008