Working with wildlife site guide (C567)

Please note: This title will be superseded by our forthcoming publication 'Working with wildlife: guidance for the construction industry (C691)' which will be published late April/early May 2011.

This attractive site guide presents information and guidance for a wide range of people working in the construction industry. It will help them stay within the law relating to wildlife and promote understanding and implementation of good practice in protecting wildlife on development and construction projects.

The guide can be used as a quick, on-site reference to help identify species and be made aware of the action that must be taken to avoid committing an offence. It deals with the role of the contractor and the ecologist in helping understand the issues, and gives guidance on the optimal times for carrying out specialist surveys and mitigation.

Common amphibians, common mammals a, fish, birds, protected species, invasive plants, pests, coastal and marine habitats, grassland, heathland, hedgerows, urban habitats, wetlands and woodlands are just some of the range of topics covered in this comprehensive guide.

Keywords: environmental good practice, sustainable construction, site management, biodiversity.

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ISBN: 978-0-86017-567-4

Author: Newton J, Thackray C, Nicholson B

Number of pages: 196 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: November 2005