Environmental issues in construction - a desk study (PR73)

Since CIRIA published its first Environmental issues in construction reports (SP93, SP94 and PR9), many of the matters raised have been addressed through the implementation of company policy, professional institutions and trade associations. However, there remains some confusion about the best way for industry to implement many of the environmental controls and regulations at a company and strategic level. Complementing the related publications C510, PR74 and PR75, this desk study reviews published research and implementation activities and identifies the remaining key issues. In particular, it reports on progress made by the construction and related industries in responding to environmental issues over recent years, and identifies the gaps in knowledge and areas that require further action by the industry. The book looks at the following main areas of environmental concern: sustainable development, CO2 emissions, human productivity in buildings, resource use and recycling, water conservation, renewable resource issues, contaminated land, groundwater contamination and impact on the local environment. Informative, up-to-date and thought-provoking, the desk study will be of interest to clients, developers, planners, contractors, government, local authorities and regulatory bodies.

Key words: environmental good practice, sustainable construction.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-873-6

Author: P Guthrie et al

Number of pages: 116 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: May 1999