TBM Tunnel Design and Ground Movement Impact Assessment

(16th November 2022)

The half-day CPD course will be delivered on the web using Zoom.

Tunnel lining with segmental rings behind TBMs are reinforced concrete elements and must be calculated and designed according to the standards of reinforced concrete constructions. In tunneling, specific circumstances must be taken in account, such as the determination of loads during ring erection, advance of the TBM, earth pressure and bedding of the articulated ring, etc. The ring model and the design input values must be studied carefully according to the parameters of the surrounding soil and other factors relating to tunnel construction.

In addition, the initial stress field as well as the hydrogeological conditions are disturbed by tunneling. The stress redistribution is accompanied by instantaneous displacement of the tunnel face towards excavation as well as convergence of tunnel walls. Buildings and structures located within ground movement influence zone may cause damage due to tunneling effects. The methodology of making an assessment of the impact of such ground movements is also presented.

Course Outline:

  • Segmental Tunnel Lining Design

    • Concept of shield tunnel design

    • Design standard and specification

    • Segmental lining design

      • Segment ring geometry

      • Load cases

    • Bolt design

    • Segment manufacturing

    • Waterproofing design

    • TBM introduction

  • Ground Movement Assessment of Tunneling

    • Types of ground movement induced by tunneling

    • Ground movement prediction

    • Building damage assessment

    • Monitoring Instrumentation

    • Pertinent aspects

Instructor: Ir Keith W.K. Kong

Language: Cantonese with technical terms in English

Date: 16th November 2022 (9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)

Venue: Your comfortable office or home

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