EC2 Parts 1&4: State-of-the-Art Design of Post-Installed Rebars and Anchors

(19th January 2022)

The CPD course will be delivered on the web using Zoom.

Post-installed rebar (PIR) and anchor (PIA) technologies have wide engineering applications in construction from A&A works to new works for subsequent construction stages such as connections of columns to foundations or beams/slabs to core-walls. They are especially useful as a remedy for defective or misplaced couplers and even for the modular integrated construction. Despite their popularity, their designs and uses have not been fully addressed in major international design codes including those of Hong Kong until the publication of new standards EN 1992-4 (2018) "Design of concrete structures. Design of fastenings for use in concrete", and European Organization for Technical Assessment Technical Report EOTA TR069 (2019) "Design method for anchorage of post-installed reinforcing bars (rebars) with improved bond-splitting behavior as compared to EN 1992-1-1".

This one-day Web-CPD course aims to provide practicing structural and mechanical engineers with an in-depth knowledge of the recent advancements in the design and installation of PIR and PIA under the newly released EC2 and technical reports. The state-of-the-art design using the Strut-and-Tie Model (STM) for optimizing moment-resisting connections, in compliance to the requirements of the Code of Practice for Structural use of Concrete 2013 of Hong Kong (HKConcrete2013), has been promoted by the Instructor and his research teams at RMIT and HKU recently. The fundamental behavior and technical standards are explained and interpreted. Worked examples are provided to illustrate how to conduct the designs of these R.C. structural members including deep beams in detail.

Course outline:

  • Modified Strut-and-Tie Model for deep beam and PIR design

  • Design of PIA/PIR by Bonded Anchor Theory to EC2: Parts 1 and 4

  • Design of PIR by Rebar Anchorage Theory to HKConcrete2013

  • Adhesive qualification and installation of high performance PIR

Instructor: Ir Dr. Augustus Y.F. Lee

Language: Cantonese (with technical terms in English)

Date: 19th January 2022 (Wednesday), 9:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

Venue: Your comfortable office or home.

Cost: $1,350 (include an e-copy of the course notes and attendance certificate)

Early bird discount: $1,150 for registration completed on or before 12th January 2022

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