Lessons Learnt from Large-scale Slope Engineering Works for Land Formation Projects

(6th June 2022)

The half-day CPD course will be delivered on the web using Zoom.

Dissemination of experience is extremely important for the healthy development of the engineering profession. Therefore, a series of "Lessons Learnt" Web-CPD courses is launched so as to disseminate experience we gained in some past construction projects in Hong Kong and mainland China. The first course is on lessons learnt from large-scale slope engineering works for land formation.

Slope engineering works are often required for land formation in the hilly terrain of Hong Kong. These works may include formation of new cut and fill slopes, and stabilization of existing slopes. The situation is complicated in land formation projects as building works are often commenced prior to completion of all the slope engineering works. The complexity of the project is significantly increased by the scale of works. Handling and effective management of a site of area of 1,000 m2 site is completely different from that of a site of area of 100,000 m2. Similarly, working on slopes of heights of 5 m and 50 m are two different stories. Construction in congested urban environments further complicates the site logistics.

Many engineers may be familiar with the concepts and design of large-scale slope engineering works for slope stabilization. However, there are many important practical considerations in the successful construction of large-scale slope engineering works for land formation, in particular, when building works are often in progress simultaneously in the interest of time. These practical considerations are often overlooked in the design office. However, they would make significant differences in the planning and execution of such projects from the viewpoints of both the engineer and the contractor. More importantly, proper considerations of these practical aspects are decisive factors for the success of these projects in terms of quality, time and cost. There are many site-specific constraints have to be coped with and site-specific problems have to be solved when they are identified during construction. These site specific constraints and problems may include geotechnical conditions, topographical conditions, shape and location, etc. of the particular site.

In this half-day Web-CPD course, the practical considerations in the construction of large-scale slope engineering works for land formation will be presented with real-life examples. Lessons learnt from three large-scale slope engineering works for land formation projects: (1) The Belcher's; (2) Celestial Heights; and (3) Hopewell Center II; are presented as illustrations.

Course Outline:

  • Types of slopes commonly encountered in Hong Kong

  • Formation of new slopes

  • Stabilization and maintenance of slopes to make them safe

  • Challenges in land formation and building works in hilly terrain

  • Lessons learnt from case histories in large-scale slope engineering works for land formation

Instructor: Ir Raymond Wai-man Wong

Language: Cantonese with technical terms in English

Date: 6th June 2022 (8:45 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.)

Venue: Your comfortable office or home

Cost: $700 (include an e-copy of course notes and an e-copy of Certificate of Attendance)

Early bird discount: $600 for registration completed on or before 30th May 2022.

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