Construction Disputes in NEC Era

(24th November 2022)

The full-day CPD course will be delivered on the web using Zoom.

Notwithstanding the changeover from the traditional form of GCC Contract to NEC3 and/or NEC4 form of contract, construction disputes in delay, payment, assessment of compensation events etc. do not seem to reduce. Some of these disputes seem to be quite fundamental and tend to repeat in each and every project which the speakers were involved in different capacities.

It is thus the objective of this Web-CPD course to go through a series of real-life disputes involving the implementation and interpretation of NEC3/NEC4 contracts with the amendments made by the Development Bureau as promulgated in the Practice Notes. On this note, speakers also welcome participants to send their questions about their real-life disputes in NEC contracts beforehand such that these questions can also be discussed at the seminar.

The presentation will discuss the background leading to the disputes, followed by the different view taken by the Contractor and the Project Manager, and finally the speakers will share their views and opinions thereby stimulating the exchange of thoughts amongst the participants.

The Web-CPD course will also cover the latest incorporation of the proposed security of payment legislation provision in the government contract, and the various ways to resolve the disputes if impasse is encountered.

The Web-CPD course will not go through the fundamentals and participants are assumed to have basic knowledge of what NEC contracts are.

Instructors: Mr. Harrison Cheung and Mr. Vincent Li

Language: Cantonese (with technical terms in English)

Date: 24th November 2022 (Thursday), 9:00 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

Venue: Your comfortable office or home.

Cost: $1,420 (include an e-copy of the course notes and an e-copy of Certificate of Attendance)

Early bird discount: $1,200 for registration completed on or before 17th November 2022

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