Working with the community: a good practice guide for the construction industry (X271)

The construction industry and its clients are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of giving more consideration to the needs of the local community. Improved relationships with the local community can bring substantial business benefits in the short and long term: reducing time and money spent dealing with complaints and increasing job satisfaction and motivation among site workers, as well as improving the company’s reputation.This Guide identifies typical impacts of construction projects on local people and businesses, and gives advice on how to mitigate some of the negative impacts.An accompanying CD-ROM holds the template for an information leaflet that explains construction projects to the general public and which can be adapted to inform them about specific projects with timescales, contact names and phone numbers, etc.There is also a template for a questionnaire that can be used to assess the impact of construction work on local residents and businesses. It can be used again later to measure the success of a communication programme and any measures taken to reduce pollution and disruption for the local community.

ISBN: 1860817161

Author: M Hadi, S Rao, H Sargant & K Rathouse

Number of pages: 48

Publisher: BRE Publishing

Date of Publication: January 2004