Wind energy basics: A guide to small and micro wind systems (X419)

The wind power industry has been transformed in the 1990s by dramatic breakthroughs in efficiency, economy, and adaptability. Wind Energy Basics is the most up-to-date source available of information about small wind systems. The book includes the unique "standard small wind turbine rating" developed by the author, which is designed to help readers wade through conflicting performance claims by manufacturers in the U.S. and overseas. Also included is detailed information on planning, siting, and installing a wind system, and on integrating wind power with solar for more cost-effective and reliable off-the-grid applications.Wind Energy Basics is an excellent introduction to wind power for those concerned with state-of-the-art renewable energy options, and will be indispensable for those considering today's generation of quiet, efficient, and reliable "micro" wind turbines. It also gives an overview of the burgeoning use of wind energy around the globe, describes and analyzes the smallest, most affordable wind turbines, those most likely to be used for an individual home, farm, or business.Paul Gipe is the author of Wind Power for Home & Business, also published by Chelsea Green.· an excellent introduction to wind-generated power for the homeowner· contains up-to-date information on products and equipment· Paul Gipe is considered to be the leading expert on wind power· describes the new lightweight generators that have come onto the market.

ISBN: 1890132225

Author: Paul Gipe

Number of pages: 170

Publisher: Green Books

Date of Publication: January 2006