Wildlife fencing design guide (C646)

A wildlife fence is a barrier that prevents or guides the movement of animals from one area to another. This guide covers all types of fencing that may be used to control wildlife in farming, forestry, landscape management and along linear corridors, in particular along roadsides, but also others, such as, railways and canals. It provides theoretical guidance for designers and planners and practical guidance to managers and fence constructors and, in particular, for those who are involved in fencing roadsides. The need for wildlife fencing is explained together with the factors that should be considered when deciding whether fencing is necessary. General advice is given on the appropriate standard of fencing as well as the detailed fence type required to provide an effective barrier against the different wildlife species. Specific advice is given in relation to wildlife fencing along different types of road and, in particular, the implications for wildlife fencing alignment, design and maintenance. Comment is also provided on the retrospective fitting of wildlife fences onto existing boundary fences.

Key words: biodiversity.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-646-6

Author: Pepper H W, Holland M, Trout R

Number of pages: 60 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: June 2006