The management of technical excellence in design organisations (C531)

One key area in which design service providers compete is their specialist technical knowledge and professional competence. The management of technical excellence in design organisations is therefore an important short-term competitive issue, as well as being vital for the long-term survival and growth of the firm in an increasingly competitive worldwide environment. This publication summarises a CIRIA study of twelve of the UK’s leading design consultants and contractors. The study, which was carried out between January and September 1998, aimed to establish how technical excellence is managed within the participating organisations and investigate the environment in which it flourishes. A lengthy confidential report containing all the raw data collected during the project was prepared for the participants, but this publication is a summary of the full data and is for wider distribution. It is aimed at managers of design teams in all types of construction companies and those who are interested in promoting the concept of technical excellence within their organisations. It concentrates on the conclusions drawn and offers recommendations for good practice. Background information on practice in other industries is also presented to aid the reader to put current UK construction practice in context.

Key words: design and buildability, organisational innovation, benchmarking and KPIs.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-531-5

Author: G Alwani-Starr

Number of pages: 32 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: May 2000