ICP Design Methods for Driven Piles in Sands and Clays (X237)

Orders will be despatched direct from the publisher.While axial capacity is often the governing design criterion with driven piles, the reliability of predictions made by conventional procedures is generally poor. A long-term research program run at Imperial College London in conjunction with Industry, the UK's Health and Safety Executive and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council led to the new design recommendations published by Jardine and Chow in 1996. Their procedures offered considerable improvements and have been applied worldwide in many offshore, marine and onshore projects.This volume broadens and updates the recommendations, providing:· Clear procedures that can be applied by geotechnical engineers, supported by worked examples for sands and clays· Guidance on application to a wider range of pile types, geotechnical profiles and loading conditions· Evidence of the methods' reliability, supported by a substantial updated data base of high quality pile tests· Reference to recent research and practical experience, discussing the methods' theoretical and practical advantagesThe wide range of applications is emphasised. New sections are included on factors of safety, parameter selection, ageing processes, square and H piles, different soil types, group action, cyclic and seismic action. Well-known case histories are reviewed as detailed worked examples.

ISBN: 0727732722

Author: R Jardine, F Chow, R Overy and J Standing

Number of pages: 112

Publisher: Thomas Telford

Date of Publication: January 2005