Highway Engineering, 2nd edition (X467)

Highway Engineering provides an introduction to highway engineering for students on degree and diploma courses in civil engineering. The text sets out procedures and techniques needed for the planning, design and construction of a highway installation, while setting them in their economic and political context. Moving in a logical sequence through every aspect of highway construction, this second edition features an expanded section on the basic concepts of traffic analysis and management with worked examples, as well as detailing the development planning process and how highway engineers interact with this.Other texts have tended to concentrate purely on highway planning and analysis, or on pavement design and maintenance aspects of highway engineering. As a result, the standard has tended to be too advanced for students studying the subject for the first time. This textbook covers the basic ground in both areas, featuring worked examples and case studies as an aid to understanding individual topics.

ISBN: 978-1-4051-6358-3

Author: Martin Rogers

Number of pages: 352 (paperback)

Publisher: Wiley

Date of Publication: June 2008