Handover, O&M Manuals, and Project Feedback. A toolkit for designers and contractors (BG 1/2007) (X519)

Updates and combines Handover Information for Building Services TN15/95 and Operating and Maintenance Manuals, AG1/87.1. Contains valuable guidance for designers and building owners on the handover procedures and operating requirements of new buildings. It explains the legal obligations on construction professionals for providing information to the client on handover, the requirements of building logbooks, and the process for providing operating and maintenance manuals. Provides a model specification for O&M manuals.

The guide reflects the upcoming requirements for energy certification of buildings as required by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Explains the regulatory requirements and steps needed to achieve an energy display certificate, the energy analysis tools that can be used, and the energy labelling methodology. A separate section lists design and project feedback tools that designers can use to close the loop between design intention and subsequent building operation.

ISBN: 9780860226673

Author: Hastings, P., Pennycook, K., Bunn, R.

Number of pages: 114

Publisher: BSRIA

Date of Publication: October 2007