Drainage of development sites - a guide (X108)

The guide is intended to assist all those involved with foul and surface water drainage of development sites. It is aimed specifically at developments in the UK based on national requirements and international best practice. The book provides guidance on:

the approach needed to obtain Town and Country Planning Act consent

current good engineering practice for design of drainage and sewerage for new sites

the issues affecting site drainage

hydraulic-related engineering issues

key industry documents.

Also included is a proposed new methodology for calculating site storage.

It is intended that general engineering practitioners, developers and architects will use this book as a first point of reference for guidance and information on all aspects related to the hydraulics of site drainage. Sites range from small suburban developments to large industrial estates, each having specific features that require particular attention.

Key words: urban drainage, site management, design and buildability, sewerage.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-900-9

Author: R Kellagher

Number of pages: 220 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA/HR Wallingford

Date of Publication: November 2004