Controlled permeability formwork (C511)

Controlled permeability formwork (CPF) systems are designed to produce high quality, defect-free, durable concrete surfaces. CPF systems are reviewed in detail in this publication, and the practical guidance it provides will be of use to designers, specifiers, formwork designers and contractors. The various CPF systems that are commercially available are described, together with their specifications. The use of CPF as a technique for enhancing the surface of concrete is examined, and the results are given in terms of changes in surface properties in and their relation to conventional curing procedures. Construction situations are examined in which the use of CPF is particularly effective, and guidance is provided on how to avoid potential problems. The cost implications of controlled permeability formwork systems are also discussed. The publication includes detailed contractor checklists (storage; handling and installation of CPF filter fabric; related formwork and construction requirements) and six detailed case studies. This report is a product of the collaborative programme between CIRIA and The Concrete Society, entitled 'Concrete Techniques - Site Operations'. Key words: concrete and structures, design and buildability.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-511-7

Author: W F Price

Number of pages: 94 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: April 2000