Vol. I in the Testing in Construction series - Principles and Practice of Testing in Construction (X369)

The construction industry is constantly faced with the demands of quality, durability, cost-effectiveness and testing programmes therefore ensure that materials will perform to their design requirements. However, the planning, implementation and operation of a testing programme, together with the collection and interpretation of data, are no simple task. It is essential that a programme is established which will provide answers to relevant questions and that the correct action has been taken when the data has been analysed.This first volume is an introduction to the subject presenting information and guidance which is also applicable to all subsequent volumes. In addition to a brief history of the subject, the authors deal with issues of fundamental importance, including laboratory planning, quality control and handling data. As a stand-alone volume it presents a concise appreciation of this important aspect of construction and as part of the series it forms the foundation of a valuable guide to good practice.

ISBN: 1870325222

Author: Edited by David Doran and Clive Cockerton

Number of pages: 200 (hardback)

Publisher: Whittles Publishing

Date of Publication: January 2006