Sustainability accounting in the construction industry (X105)

Accounting for the financial aspects of an organisation’s performance is a statutory requirement. Accounting for sustainability is currently a voluntary activity. However, companies are increasingly reporting aspects of their social and environmental performance. Sustainability accounting provides a useful tool to identify, evaluate and manage social and environmental risks, by identifying resource efficiency and cost savings, and linking improvements in social and environmental issues with financial opportunities. It also allows comparison and benchmarking of performance, and identification of best practice.

Organisations committed to sustainability look beyond immediate profits to returns and value, which can be achieved over many years and in ways that can consider environmental and social issues.

This book will be of benefit to construction firm directors and project managers, as well as clients. It includes a detailed case study with full colour photographs.

Key words: environmental good practice, sustainable construction.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-808-8

Author: Casella Stanger, Forum for the future, Carillion

Number of pages: 70 (paperback)

Publisher: Casella Stanger

Date of Publication: January 2003