SUDS compilation (C599CD)

There are many challenges facing the construction industry, not least the demand for new, sustainable housing and industrial development. One of the difficulties that needs to be resolved for any new development is the drainage of surface water without causing flooding or pollution, and without sterilising valuable development land. The first two of these books on this special compilation CD (C521 and C522 are the authoritative documents to provide detailed technical advice on sustainable methods of water drainage in the UK, putting sustainable development into practice.

Conventional surface water drainage techniques can cause flooding, pollution and disruption of the water cycle. A different approach is therefore needed to reach a more sustainable solution. These manuals describe current best practice in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and England and Wales, and set out the technical and planning considerations for designing sustainable urban drainage systems for surface water (SUDS). Drainage methods inspired by natural processes are introduced, and guidance is given on how the design team should plan, select and design a suitable system. Detailed appendices include an information checklist and worked design examples.

The wider aspects of SUDS best practice are covered in greater detail in the third volume on this CD (C523), which provides guidance on employing sustainable methods of water drainage, and putting sustainable development into practice. This addressed the legislative issues of SUDS and how organisations may work together in employing SUDS.

It examines issues raised by those who may be sceptical about SUDS, and illustrates how SUDS can help make developments more sustainable. The manual is intended for a wide readership including members of the general public, community leaders, planners, developers, designers and many others.

These three volumes were first published in 2000. They are reproduced on the CD (without amendment), as they were first published, but as a PDF file with a fully functional search facility, making navigation easy and enables the user to search for keywords and phrases.

Key words: urban drainage, sustainable resource use.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-599-5

Author: P Martin et al

Number of pages: CD-ROM

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: May 2004