Sediment management in urban drainage catchments (R134)

Sediment can be found in urban drainage catchments on the surface, in gully pots, in drains and sewers, and at sewage treatment works. Responsibility for cleaning is fragmented between different authorities in the UK and is rarely considered on a catchment scale although sediment movement follows catchment drainage patterns. This publication reviews the problems, sources, characteristics and quantities of sediment in each part of the drainage system and includes information on sediment build-up rates on the surface and in gully pots. Current cleaning responsibilities are summarised in terms of their legal and practical aspects. Ways in which individual cleaning operations can be improved as promulgated and the report demonstrates how they can be more efficiently schedules so that they are carried out only when needed. This report, which should be of practical help to cleaning managers and drainage/sewerage engineers, was prodiced as a result of CIRIA Research Project 416: Cleaning sediment from sewerage and drainage catchment and related above-ground areas - Stage 2.

The research was carried out by Binnie and Partners in association with Dr David Butler of South Bank University (now of Imperial College).

ISBN: 978-0-86017-409-7

Author: D Butler and P Clark

Number of pages: 104 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: January 1995