RiskCom. Software tool for managing and communicating risks (C561CD)

There is no standard method by which risks can be examined by all members of a supply chain to enable collective management. Developing risk management systems on an organisation-by-organisation basis or even a project-by-project basis results in inefficient repetition and provides no guarantee that best practice is being consistently adopted. RiskCom is a spreadsheet-based tool to help you manage the risks to your business or your project and to communicate these to other organisations and individuals concerned. The tool guides you through five simple steps, from establishing the purpose of your assessment, identifying the hazards and assessing the likelihood and consequence of the risks, to identifying control measures and focusing on the most important matters. The extensive supporting material, compiled into a standard Windows help file, explains the steps in greater depth and gives details of other references you can consult. The tool supports newcomers to risk management and provides background knowledge on best practice issues. The information can also be shared with other members of your team by sending electronic or printed copies of your completed RiskCom workbook. This CD places emphasis on the business process and using risk management as a management tool for achieving success. It is aimed at construction project managers, clients, designers, contractors, suppliers and risk managers.

Key words: project management, supply chain management, risk and value management.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-561-2

Author: HR Wallingford et al

Number of pages: CD-ROM

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: April 2001