Remedial engineering for closed landfill sites (C557)

Closed landfill sites invariably have physical conditions that are not immediately compatible with redevelopment options, even if they are not contaminated. This is for both “hard” and “soft” uses. Such sites represent a considerable proportion of potentially contaminated sites, and they can be brought back into beneficial use by judicious engineering and environmental control measures. Suitability will depend on factors such as age, depth and nature of wastes, in addition to the site’s environmental setting and the conventional land-use planning aspects of redevelopment. Remedial engineering for closed landfill sites explores the selection of remedial options that can supplement the measures needed to meet the site owner’s statutory environmental obligations. This book provides guidance to designers and regulators on the principal statutory, technical and environmental factors that can influence the redevelopment of sites for particular uses. This guidance outlines: hazard types and risks

influences of waste disposal practices

development and statutory controls

site characterisation and risk assessment

engineering and environmental control measures.

This practical report is aimed at developers, professional advisers, designers, planning and environmental regulators and students.

Key words: pollution prevention, environmental good practice, contaminated land, ground engineering, sustainable resource use, urban regeneration, ground improvement.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-557-5

Author: D L Barry, I M Summersgill, R G Gregory et al

Number of pages: 284 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: October 2001