Rainwater and greywater use in buildings. Best practice guidance (C539)

The Government, water regulators and water supply undertakers are all encouraging the adoption of water conservation measures. One component of these measures is to use rainwater and greywater (water from wash basins, baths, and showers) as a source of water to reduce the reliance upon the mains water supply. There has been relatively little guidance on how separate or combined rainwater and greywater systems may provide safe water to buildings. Making decisions on system design or selection has proven difficult and, in some developments, has led to rejection of rainwater or greywater systems. These books aim to address these problems and provide information and authoritative best practice for rainwater and greywater systems, either separate or combined.The best practice guidance provides practical guidance on the specification and implementation of rainwater and greywater systems. The guidance is based on the findings from demonstration sites, consultation with stakeholders and contact with other sites not directly monitored by the project. The book provides further detail and specific recommendations for rainwater and greywater use. The Guidance is aimed at developers, building owners, equipment manufacturers and their consultants and contractors. It will also be of interest to water utilities, local authorities, environmental regulators and house builders wishing for further detail than that provided in the companion volume.

Key words: water quality, environmental good practice, sustainable resource use.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-539-1

Author: D Leggett, R Brown, D Brewer, G Stanfield, E Holli

Number of pages: 134 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: September 2001