Rainwater and greywater in buildings: project report and case studies (X104)

Rainwater and greywater use in buildings is a series of documents resulting from research projects undertaken by CIRIA and BSRIA, collectively known as "Buildings that save water" (BTSW). There are three main outputs to the series: Decision-making for water conservation, Best practice guidance and Project report and Case studies. This publication details the monitoring of demonstration sites, with rainwater or greywater systems in the UK. It provides a background to the systems monitored, their operational and maintenance requirements, system reliability and user perception.

Details of the monitoring results for water savings financial analysis and microbiological data are also given. In addition to this, the document reports on the experience from other sites using rainwater or greywater systems. Experience gained from this part of the project was used to develop the Best practice guidance. This report will be of use to those responsible for the direct installantion or monitoring of rainwater or greywater systems and those who wish to see the underlying data and information captured from the rainwater and greywater systems monitored.

Key words: water quality, environmental good practice, water resources.

ISBN: 978-0-86022-577-5

Author: D Brewer, R Brown, G Stanfield

Number of pages: 105 (paperback)

Publisher: BSRIA

Date of Publication: March 2001