Permanent formwork in construction (C558)

Traditionally, formwork requirements have been left to the construction stage and the main contractor’s temporary works designer, but this can lead to significant loss of benefit unless the permanent works designer provides appropriate guidance. Permanent formwork in construction is a joint project with the Concrete Society that provides advice on where permanent formwork can be used to advantage in concrete construction. The book outlines some of the reasons why permanent formwork should be considered, when the decision to adopt should be made and how it should be implemented, and gives a summary checklist of benefits. It explores standard solutions, time savings, improved safety and economy of construction, long-term durability, appearance and reduced maintenance costs in bridges, building and other civil engineering applications. This report describes the design, specification and practical use of permanent formwork and gives guidance on avoiding potential problems.

A comprehensive review of applications is included and the regular uses and products are covered in detail. Permanent formwork in construction defines the terminology relating to permanent formwork, identifies where the responsibilities lie for its design and safe use and outlines theregulations governing its use. This clear and practical publication explores the design, specification and construction stages and is aimed at supervising engineers involved in building and civil engineering works.

Key words: concrete and structures, building technology.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-558-2

Author: R G Wrigley

Number of pages: 176 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: May 2001