Micro-wind turbines in urban environments (X451)

This study shows that, in addition to the initial embodied carbon and efficiency of the turbine, the payback period is highly sensitive to local wind conditions, transport costs, and the maintenance requirements and service life of the turbine. This work confirms the need for a more rigorous method for estimating the electricity generated from building-mounted micro-wind turbines and for research and innovation in technology, planning and urban design to maximise the effectiveness of the turbine installations.Features / BenefitsProvides a rigorous analysis of all the factors that influence the power that small wind turbines can generate in urban areasStudies the whole life costs and carbon emission costs of micro-wind turbinesCase studies for three locations - Manchester, Wick and Portsmouth.


Author: R Phillips et al

Number of pages: 48

Publisher: IHS BRE Press

Date of Publication: January 2007