Managing project change. A best practice guide (C556)

A fundamental problem within the construction industry is that projects run behind programme and are being completed over budget. The clients and the general public are aware of this difficulty, which can result in client dissatisfaction and create problems with the design team, contractors and suppliers.Managing project change presents best practice recommendations for the effective management of change on projects. It describes the establishment and operation of change management systems, the reasons for, and sources of, change and the procedures that should be adopted in order to control and manage its impact. The guide defines the key principles of managing change, highlighting the different types of change that may occur and how these affect a project at different stages. It explains the importance of establishing and maintaining an appropriate project culture from the outset and suggests how this may best be accomplished. The guide also contains a toolkit with pro-formas, flowcharts and schedules for use in the implementation of an effective change management system. This publication is aimed primarily at the clients, project managers and design and construction leaders who determine the project objectives and establish the project management processes at the outset. It will be of value to all involved in the conception, organisation and implementation of construction projects and the recommendations are applicable to all forms of construction.

Key words: project management, procurement, risk and value management.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-556-8

Author: D Lazarus, R Clifton

Number of pages: 116 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: September 2001