Management of accelerated low water corrosion in steel maritime structures (C634)

ALWC is a particularly aggressive and localised form of low water corrosion which can occur in tidal and brackish waters on steel maritime structures. Corrosion rates in regions affected by ALWC can be 1mm/side/year or more and design corrosion allowances will, therefore, be exceeded quickly. ALWC could lead to a loss of 33% to 66% of the asset value. This process will rapidly compromise the integrity of affected structures and will lead to significant costs for repair or replacement, in addition to having serious implications for the safe operation of the structure. This report provides a comprehensive guide to the phenomenon of ALWC and its management, condition appraisal, repair, protection and monitoring. It is aimed at infrastructure owners, operators and their advisors, specialist engineers and asset and maintenance managers in ports, harbours and other marine locations. An Executive Summary gives an overview of the report and answers key questions. More in-depth information can be gained from reading the whole report, particular chapters of interest or the detailed information in the appendices.

It is based on a detailed review of published literature and infrastructure owner’s procedures, consultation with experts and practitioners from a cross section of fields of expertise and case studies demonstrating good practice.

Key words: coastal and marine, water infrastructure.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-634-3

Author: J E Breakell, K Foster, M Siegwart et al

Number of pages: 220 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: November 2005