Ground engineering spoil: good management practice (R179)

Ground engineering works give rise to very large volumes of excavated spoil. Much of this is soil and rock excavated for new roads, tunnels and foundations. How can this waste be effectively managed? This title is the result of a research study about design and construction practice in the management of spoil. Its conclusions and recommendations provide important lessons for planners, construction clients, designers and contractors. The report includes a survey of 40 construction projects, with more detailed case studies of six of these. It takes the user through the legal requirements for the disposal of spoil and current and emerging practices in the recycling or reuse and minimisation of surplus spoil since the introduction of the landfill tax in 1996.

The main lessons emphasised are that the management of spoil requires care throughout a construction project; careful spoil management can benefit both clients and contractors financially; early and regular consultation with the regulatory authorities is essential; and spoil management should be included in the project brief from day one.

Keywords: waste minimisation, site management, project management, sustainable resource use, ground improvement, construction management.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-484-4

Author: J C T Kwan et al

Number of pages: 116 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: January 1997