Flood resilience and resistance for critical infrastructure (C688)

This publication is the main output from CIRIA project RP913 Flood resilience and resistance for critical infrastructure provides an overview of the regulatory framework and outlines the main issues now faced by the industry in this area. A brief introduction is given to the principles of flood risk management to place flood resilience and resistance into a wider context. A range of case studies is provided that describes the lessons identified by infrastructure owners and operators who have suffered flooding problems in the past. Flood risk management for CI (critical infrastructure) acrossthe UK is then considered with respect to flood risk assessment, adopting resilience and resistance measures and investment prioritisation. The publication states that flood resilience measures should be adopted as an integral part of individual organisations’ business continuity management processes, whole-life asset management plans and climate change adaptation strategies. CI owners need to develop long-term strategic investment approaches that allow for optimised investment decision making. The economic regulators should aim to provide a framework to achieve this objective.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-688-6

Author: McBain, W, Wilkes, D, Retter, M

Number of pages: 125 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: March 2010