EC7 - implications for UK practice (C641)

This book takes the reader through a logical sequence of activities, from site and ground investigation to geotechnical element design, to construction practices introduced by the new European Execution Standards and concludes with an indication of the likely timing of full implementation and a prediction of the effect that the changes will have on geotechnical practice in the UK. The book seeks to give a clear overview of the main changes that will arise, adding in appendices such detail of the Eurocode system that is necessary to understand these changes. It illustrates the changes with a set of design examples covering mainstream design challenges such as piles, retaining walls, embankments and slopes, and hydraulic failure.

The book is authored by three specialists who have worked closely with the development and introduction of Eurocode 7 and its application in the design office, and the content has been carefully criticised by a panel of leading UK geotechnical practitioners.

Keywords: ground engineering, piling, ground investigation and characterisation, in-situ testing and instrumentation, ground improvement, underground construction, soil-structure interaction

ISBN: 978-0-86017-641-1

Author: Driscoll, R; Scott, P; Powell, J

Number of pages: 134 (paperback)

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: January 2009