Coasts and seas of the United Kingdom (second edition) (X103CD)

In 1994 the Joint Nature Conservation Committee embarked on a major partnership project to collate and publish environmental information for the UK coastal area. This updated CD now includes Celtic seas and coasts. The principal output of the Coastal Directories Project was the production of 16 regional directories aimed at assisting coastal zone planning and management. This significant undertaking, co-ordinated by JNCC on behalf of a range of organisations, has brought together an extensive array of environmental information that was not previously accessible in one place.

This CD-ROM contains the entire Coastal Directories series of volumes, which can be accessed through a map-driven software application. This view-only application allows users to access all the directories, though not to edit or modify them. The Coastal Directories have already established themselves as a primary information source for planners, coastal managers, researchers and developers. To this the CD-ROM version adds convenience, compactness and searchability. It provides a user-friendly basis for planning and decision-making for all those concerned with maintaining biological diversity and ensuring the sustainable development of the United Kingdom’s coastal zone.

Key words: coastal and marine.


Author: JNCC

Number of pages: CD-ROM

Publisher: CIRIA

Date of Publication: May 2001