Building Services Job Book - A project framework for engineering services (BG 1/2009) (X521)

Rob Manning, President of CIBSE, says BSRIA Building Services Job Book is "the best piece of guidance for young engineers that I have seen for a long time". The Building Services Job Book has updated BSRIA's AG11/98 Project Management Handbook and is full of useful things for a construction project team. It is not just for building services engineers but everyone involved with or interfacing with the services activity. The title reflects its alignment with RIBA stages, and it also follows the OGC and ACE processes, as well as BSRIA's own Design Framework and Soft Landings documents. Being based on the RIBA stages of work, it provides a common language for architects and engineers. This is an essential reference book. It is clearly arranged in eight stages of activity (from Preparation - RIBA A and B to Post Occupancy aftercare - RIBA L1, L2 and L3), with appropriate colour coding for ease of reference. It includes more than 40 work stage activity checklists, work stage inputs and work stage outputs. Additional tables with the key 44 of these set out as templates for customisation by the building services team.

ISBN: 9780860226819

Author: Hawkins, G.

Number of pages: 222

Publisher: BSRIA

Date of Publication: August 2009